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halo is the worlds best game


halo reach is the best game in the whole world.If you wanth to play an acion game then u buy halo reach.

The most amasing thing i halo reach is u can make the best maps in forage the best map ever was made by

yourselfe593If you wanth to ask me questions just send them to me to this email addres


Hey guys im back i hope you like my website.

Have you byed halo reach yet(no? or maby,yes)you sould by it its good a spesioaly on live and forege.


im back did u have fun because i did if u have halo then send me a friend request my name on halo is yourself593.As you know from my lasst coment that i sayed to you a big xpert at halo so do not mees whit  me online or in real life.Don't weari im just kiding but im good at halo reach so pap knows some things about halo its the best game in the wourl the secound best game is  forsa motor sport 4do no for get that.

hey im here again lets have fun and some times write back to me so we can try to caht or some thing  like that.See you later



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(atilla gergej, 2011.11.04 18:08)

klasz az oldalod ember

Re: halo

(dominik, 2011.11.04 18:10)

kosz joblesz